Version: Beta 0.0.93

* fixed crash where name array was referenced badly when more than 11 mechs are created.
* fixed crash where mech would move slightly off map and reference non-existant hex.
* fixed crash which would occur when too many particles were created.
* fixed crash when player clicks terrain when mouse was hovering on mech during phase transition.
* fixed AI pathing into occupied hex.
* player is now allowed to move a mech into a hex which contains another mech that has been issued a move order.
* mechs can be ordered to rotate in the current hex by clicking on the desired edge.

* hex reserving reworked, made more efficient.
* reduced saturation of clan color in random matches.
* removed light from LRM projectiles.
* more GUI components added to replay screen.
* all menus now mouse operable.
* mouse cursor added.