Version: Beta 0.0.94

* fixed heat calculations being skipped if previous mech is killed during heat calculation.
* fixed crash after mech shuts down, falls and dies during heat calculation.
* fixed AI not choosing target with low but not zero priority.
* machine guns and autocannons no longer do damage per projectile.
* fixed missing a move order after standing.
* added Death From Above attack.
* AI rotates as best to desired path if not enough move points.
* mech allowed to move into hex if adjacent and has at least one move point.
* mechs standing in water can no longer use jump jets in legs.
* piloting save required when jumping with damaged gyro or legs.

* improved AI weapon choosing.
* improved AI heat management.
* on-target projectiles are no longer removed when off map.
* potential fix for Vista cursor offset issue.
* fixed title texture getting cropped.
* split mech data into individual files.
* lighting reset on game restart.
* largest random map made slightly smaller.
* initiative GUI cleared on game restart.
* mechs don't fall as far when in a water hex.
* audio added for falling damage.
* corrected alpha around title and initiative GUI panes.
* falling damage now counts towards initiative score.
* AI no longer looks for path when fallen.
* movement buttons now greyed out when fallen.
* falling damage correctly rounds up.
* added missing panels to feet of marauder model.
* added sound to small laser.
* made minigun sound quieter.
* made small hit sound quieter.
* model now updated when limb blown off due to critial hit.
* added credits screen.
* heat marker no longer leaves scale when very hot.
* improved 'bit' interaction with world.
* fixed on-target missiles not getting a glow.
* missile glow no longer fades out in replay.