Version: Beta 0.0.96

* added basic human vs. human multi-player game mode (same PC).
* menus reworked, introduced 'quick match', 'skirmish' and 'competition' game modes.
* added thunderbolt mech.
* move efficiency UI now shows percentage of successfully standing when fallen..

* F keys can be used to trigger specific mech replay.
* 200 tons added as game option.
* selection decal rendered on water surface when mech in water.
* trees have random heights.
* optimised picking.
* reduced size of largest map by 10%.
* corrected crusader left torso armor value.
* corrected archer leg armor and structure values.
* switched wasp armor/structure values.
* added missing medium lasers to archer.
* increased archer size to represent tonnage better.
* moved Linked location values to generic mech template.
* pick type no longer remains active between games.
* first player chosen at random if no-one wins the initiative.
* made default lighting slightly brighter.
* fixed two normals on phoenix right arm model.