Version: Beta 0.0.97

* online play added.
* random pilot skills added as game setup option.
* different basic world types available as game setup option.

* movement efficiency shows total movement, not just due to heat.
* corrected rounding for target ranges.
* moved UI screen data into seperate XMLs.
* radar blips now shown for both players in MP games.
* user-definable world types.
* random speeds added to falling.
* increased number of pilot names.
* max number of mechs per team now limited to the number of unique names (Data/Names.xml).
* -width and -height command args supported to set user defined screen resolutions.
* mech with one leg may now move max of one hex each phase.
* move point deductions corrected for damaged hips.
* destroyed sensors no longer fatal.
* computer player no longer suicides if mechs with no valid weapons can do Death From Above attacks.
* fixed bug in move mode button toggling.
* several large textures optimised.
* corrected texture mapping on weapons for Marauder and Phoenix.
* thunderbolt no longer floats above the ground.
* new app icon.