Version: Beta 0.1.0

* tonnage in game setup changed from 100,150,200,250 to 100,200,300,400 tons.
* zoom added to mouse wheel for move phase.
* color choosing added to game setup screen.
* world ground types made data driven, and replaced generic 'trees' with lightwoods and heavywoods.
* armor and structure values shown for selected enemy mechs..

* game setup orders mechs according to weight.
* mech name now updates in game setup when switching to second player.
* fixed world position to hex position calculation at map edges.
* computer player no longer picks mechs from unselected mods.
* computer player now fills out random team to maximum tonnage.
* computer player no longer chooses many low tonnage mechs in team.
* color coding added to replay.
* centered text in quit dialog box.
* no longer overloads audio if weapon has multiple shots and zero timeout.
* zero damage SingleDamage weapon projectiles no longer play FX when hitting the ground.
* corrected damage for ammo explosions if weapon is SingleDamage.
* fixed 'double fall' which sometimes happens during mech death.
* more recognisable and satisfying ammo explosion state added.
* reworked random spread of ground types.
* hardware vertex processing now supported.