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This free game is based on the fourth edition of the Battletech board game. It implements the rules
as faithfully as possible to those stated in the rulebook. The UI and graphics are nice, for a programmer, but
if you played and enjoyed the Battletech board game, you should have some geek fun with this!

In addition, it features a 'real-time' element, where the action of the simulation is played out in real-time.

The data in the game is fully moddable, users can create their own mech and weapons, and battle them against each other.

Currently, the following game types are supported:
Single-player skirmish, one-on-one against the AI, either with random or user-defined teams, on randomly generated maps.
Multi-player skirmishes, again either with random or user-defined teams, with both players must use the same PC.
Multi-player online support is available from versions 0-0-97 onwards.

Basic rules
Feature requests

Downloading and Installation:

Download the packed file below, and unpack to a temporary location, then run the Setup.exe. If you wish to
uninstall, you can use the same Setup.exe to remove the application from your machine, or just use
the 'Add or Remove Programs' in the Windows Control Panel.

This application is Beta software, install at your own risk!

You will need the MS Framework Vs. 1.1 Redistributable Package to be installed for this game to run, if required it can be obtained from:
Microsoft Framework 1.1

Any suggestions or feedback will be gratefully received at:

Click on image below to download latest version (0-1-1).

Don't forget to check the Mods page for more downloadable content!

Version: Beta 0.1.1

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Version: Beta 0.1.0

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Version: Beta 0.0.99

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Version: Beta 0.0.981

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Version: Beta 0.0.97

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Version: Beta 0.0.96

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Version: Beta 0.0.95

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Version: Beta 0.0.92