Main Basic Rules Construction

Available Mods:

To use, click the mod name to download, then unzip in the Data/Mods folder. For example
the Solaris7 mod should look like: Data/Mods/Solaris7 on your local drive.

These awesome mods were supplied by DarkOne (, so any thanks or suggestions can be
directed to them.

The Solaris7 mod is a mech pack, containing the following mechs:
Atlas, BattlemasterIIC, Behemoth, Catapult, Cheetah, DireWolf, Elemental, Locust, Longarm, MadDog, Mauler, NovaCat, Timberwolf.
It also contains the GuassRifle weapon.

The 3050 mod is another big mech pack, and containing the following mechs:
Adder, Annihilator, Assassin, Banshee, Gargoyle, Hellfire, Hunchback, Jenner, KingCrab, Koschei, Stalker, Wolverine.
It also contains the following weapons:
LB2X, LB5X, LB10X, LB20X, SmallPulse, MediumPulse, LargePulse, AutoCannon2, AutoCannon10, AutoCannon20, SRM4, LRM5, LRM10.

The DarkOne mod contains one mech, the Luthur.

What are Mods?

This Battletech game is structured in a way that all it's data is modular. This means mechs or weapons
can be added or removed without affecting the main game.
Note, mods are only fully supported from Versions 0-0-98 onwards.
This also means users can create their own mods, send them to other players, and battle it out with the user generated content.

The Battletech computer player will be able to use modded data automatically, nothing is needed to be added there.

The structure of the data can be reasonably loose, for example the projectiles for weapons may be added to the weapon XML, which
makes things a bit easier; the order of modded data is not important, however if you make a mod, it's best to conform to
the same style as existing mods.

Adding your own Mods

Creating the mechs:

See the Mech construction page for information about how to build mechs.

Building a mod package:

Once the relavent mechs are created, and you have the weapons, meshes etc. ready, you may now create a package.
This is essentially all the files zipped up under a folder with the mod name.
Battletech comes with one mod called '3025', which contains several mechs from the fourth edition of the rules.
You should create your mods using this as a template; each mech has a unique folder, which contains the mech XML and it's models.
The mods are found at 'Data\Mods\' relative to the install location.

Modded weapons should be put in the mod root folder. For ease of use, the projectile data can be defined in the same weapon XML.

Releasing your mod:

Currently there is no automated way of releasing your mod, however if you send it to I
will be more than happy to add it to the download section.

Using mods online:

When hosting a game, it will query the other player to determine whether they have the chosen mods, if not
the missing mods will not be available for playing - you may chastise them in the lobby chat!
If all players have the correct mods, you should be able to use them as normal.