Hosting a game

Quick Tips:

* Add port forwarding if needed.
* Enter the lobby.
* Set the game and user names.
* Click the 'Host Game' button.

In detail:

As the host, if you have a router, you will need to set up port forwarding to your PC, this are instructions at the end of this page.
To host a game, navigate to the lobby (Mult-player/Online once the game has started).
Make sure the Game Name and User Names have something useful, you don't have to edit these values, but
if you want your friends to recognise your game, it might be handy.
Once done, click the button labeled 'Host Game'.
You should see your game added to the active list, in a green font - other players can now see this and join.

Joining a game

Quick Tips:

* Enter the lobby.
* Click on a game in the list.

In detail:

To join a game, navigate to the lobby (Mult-player/Online once the game has started).
Once done, you should see a list of available games to join.
If you're expecting a game to be available, and it does not appear to be there, wait for a few seconds, the
list will automatically update.
To join a listed game, just click on it and you will enter the game setup screen.
If a mismatch with the game occurs, or you're unable to join, you will return to the lobby after a short time,
and that game will no longer be available.

Setting up a game

Once a game has been hosted, and another player joined, you may chat using the chat control towards the top right of the screen.
Only the host can pick the game components; tonnage, world type, pilot skills etc.
When both players have chosen which mechs make up their team, and have clicked the 'Continue' button,
the game will automatically start.

What if I can't join a game?

If you are unable to join a game, check that you're using the same exe version as the host.
If you're sure that both host and client are running the same app, check that your firewall is not blocking this game.
You can do this by opening the 'Network Settings' window in the windows 'Control Panel'. Once done, right click on your
network connection, select 'Properties', and go to the 'Advanced' tab. Here you should be able to access your firewall
settings, and add the Battletech.exe to the 'Exceptions' list (for some reason the name of the exe does not show up in this list,
however you can select the blank app, and click the 'Edit...' button, and this will tell you the name of the exe).
If this app is not being blocked by your firewall, and you have a router, check that the ports this game uses are open.
You will need to set up a Port Forwarding item from your router to your PC, this is described here
The port number that Battltech uses by default is

Port: 8076

You can change this by modifying the 'OnlinePort' field in Data/Options/LocalOptions.xml
Once a game has been created, and you see the (R) string following your game, you are likely to need port forwarding.
If you have followed these instructions, and still are unable to join, send me a mail at and I may be able to help.