Main Basic Rules

Feature Requests

Larger maps

* Version 0-0-98 has longer maps, and more likely to be rectangular. This is because adding many more hexes has an impact on CPU usage, pathfinding and LOS etc.

User defined screen resolutions

* Version 0-0-97 supports -width and -height command args.

Better models

More mech choices

* Version 0-0-98 has improved mod support, including the Solaris7 and 3050 mods, which has loads of new mechs.

Melee attacks

Mech toolkit editor

Color coding for replays

* Version 0-1-0 has color coding in replays.

Online play

* Added in Version 0-0-97, see the online section.


Logging action to file

Mod support

* Lots done in Version 0-0-98, see the modding section.

4 player games


* In progress, Version 0-1-0 has the ability to have user defined ground types.

Armor and structure displayed for enemy mechs

* Version 0-1-0 shows selected enemy mech stats.

Improved UI for replays, better information for which mech is which.

* Version 0-1-0 has color coding for replays.